Study in autumn, build a dream and sail far

2021-08-27 14:41:56

In early autumn and August, the autumn wind sends warmth. On the morning of August 27, the awarding ceremony of "Swan scholarship" in 2021 was held in Swan multi-function hall, and Chen Tao, general manager of the company, delivered a congratulatory speech.

Through 39 years of continuous development, swan company has ranked among the top 50 in China's musical instrument industry and won many honors, such as China's well-known trademark, Jiangsu famous brand products, national high-tech enterprises and so on. Swan products are well-known in domestic and foreign markets. With the continuous development and growth of the enterprise, the company takes caring for the growth and education of employees' children as the driving force and foundation of the company's sustainable development. It fully embodies swan's corporate culture, humanistic care and sense of responsibility to give back to the society, stimulates the spirit of love and dedication of employees, and encourages employees' children to become useful talents in the society. Swan Company has set up a "Swan scholarship", which will grant scholarships to qualified employees and students every year, reward the children who can be rated as "three good students", and reward the children who have passed the examinations of 985 and 211. The employees are very grateful to the company for this initiative. They are grateful that the company not only provides a platform for employment, but also cares about the education of their children, which has really stimulated the work enthusiasm of the majority of employees, and the students of the award-winning employees feel warm in their hearts.

Enterprise development is inseparable from social support and everyone's participation. Today is the best embodiment of feeding employees and society after enterprise development. Finally, Chen Hongmei, chairman of the company, took a group photo with the employees and students who won the scholarship, hoping that the majority of students will work hard and forge ahead under the encouragement of love, forge ahead in the dedication of love, cherish the hard won opportunities, work hard, have the courage to pursue and realize their dreams, and become participants and builders of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the Chinese dream, It is hoped that the families of Swan students can work and educate their children, work diligently in the enterprise, work hard without complaint, and cultivate a group of social pillars who cultivate their family and country feelings, feel grateful and have the courage to work hard at home.