Swan musical instrument was awarded the title of "Taizhou enterprise with harmonious labor relations" and "May Day Labor Award"

2021-05-11 14:38:29

Swan musical instrument was rated as "Taizhou enterprise with harmonious labor relations" in 2019-2020 by Taizhou Municipal People's government.

Swan musical instrument always adheres to the people-oriented care concept, standardizes the labor contract system of all employees, and maintains the vital interests of employees; Solidly promote the collective wage negotiation system, constantly improve the workers' salary incentive mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees in the 13th five year plan; Strengthen team building, promote "quality engineering", and carry out systematic training every year; Pay attention to labor protection, strictly implement safety laws and regulations, ensure the health of employees, vigorously build harmonious labor relations, and promote the sustainable and steady development of the enterprise.

In 2020, swan musical instrument takes caring for the work and life of employees as its own responsibility, carries out ideological and moral education and operation skill competition for employees, which reflects the positive energy of the enterprise and increases the cohesion of employees. Recently, Jingjiang Federation of trade unions awarded Swan musical instrument "May Day Labor Award".