The theory innovation patent pianica experts and leaders spoke highly of

 October 11, 2011 -14, the annual Shanghai musical instruments exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo center. In the exhibi...

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Technology innovation to seize the commanding heights of the future market competition

In recent years, our company to increase the construction of scientific and technological innovation, and promote the transformation and upg...

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Swan musical instruments held a special meeting of quality

In the just concluded 3.15 in recognition of the general assembly, Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co., Ltd. was awarded the Consumer Associ...

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Our company solemnly celebrate the thirty anniversary of the construction of "Swan"

In May 9th, our company held the thirty anniversary of the construction of the company and the Swan brand was recognized. Director of China ...

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The national harmonica Specialized Committee will be held in our company

In May 8th China harmonica Musical Instrument Association Specialized Committee fifth session of the three meeting will be hosted by the Spe...

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Swan full mouth organ music instruments donated to Hebei primary school in Yixian County

In response to the implementation of the Ministry of education to strengthen the spirit of the instructions, the school of art education at ...

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Swan musical instrument support Haidian District Beijing middle school instrumental music teaching competition

Swan brand series of harmonica, Melodica, clarinet, art is the product of choice for national education in various provinces and cities are ...

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The company held 2012 annual recognition of the general assembly

The afternoon of February 6, 2013, the company held once a year in recognition of the general assembly, reviewed and summarized the producti...

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Company to carry out the "51" and "skills competition"

In order to further improve the staff's work enthusiasm, improve labor productivity, April 26th Ma Qiao Zhen a union operator labor cont...

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Hongkong artist Mr. Zhang Jiacheng used the "Swan" in Luzhou folk music exchange

 Mr. Zhang Jiacheng, general manager of Hongkong in April 2, 2013, the artist pianica music school, heard the music training center is ...

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