The sixth session of the harmonica Professional Committee was held in Swan


On December 23 to 24, harmonica, professional committee of six four conference held in swan instruments, vice executive director of the China musical instrument association, Mr Zeng Zemin MaQiao Town mayor, Mr Wu wen-pin harmonica professional committee of China musical instrument association, Mr Zhou Weiyi harmonica consultant Mr Jiang Linsen professional committee, jiangsu east instrument co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, Mr Kong Wenzhong chimei instrument co., LTD in jiangsu, ms zhang, general manager of Shanghai assumed the musical instrument co., LTD. General manager Mr Xie Qiang, jiangsu swan instrument co., LTD., chairman of ms hong-mei Chen, Shanghai Kane instrument co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, Mr Zhang Weiming Yang Songhua, manager of Jiangyin Qiling Instrument Co., LTD., Kong Weiqing, manager of Wuxi Suzuki instrument Co., LTD., representatives of harmonica industry, as well as leaders of relevant supporting enterprises gathered together to seek common development.




Chen Tao, general manager of Jiangsu Swan Musical Instrument Co., LTD, is responsible for this meeting and he will be the moderator of this meeting. Conference, MaQiao Town wu zhen long l cordenillo, Oriental Musical Instruments, chairman of Mr Kong Wenzhong conveys China musical instrument association seven-time seven times the standing council meeting and the content of science and technology conference, Zhou Weiyi President made a harmonica professional committee work summary report, swan instrument hong-mei Chen, chairman of ms and ms zhang, general manager of chi mei instrument respectively introduced key enterprises, the leadership of the rest of the companies also exchange the experience, and predicts the future of the industry. At last, Mr. Zeng Zemin, the executive vice President of The Chinese Musical Instrument Association, made an important speech, affirming the achievements made by the harmonica industry this year, and pointing out the direction for the future development of the harmonica industry. It requires the industry to cooperate with each other, share resources, develop harmoniously and make more achievements!

At 5:00 PM on 23rd, Jiangsu Swan Harmonica Instrument Co., LTD will report the performance held in the auditorium of Swan Instrument Co., LTD. Swan harmonica concert and swan staff's wonderful performance not only promote the corporate culture, but also show the strength of the company, and more highlight the unique charm of cultural products!

On the morning of 24th, leaders of the musical instrument association, members of the harmonica professional committee and representatives of enterprises visited Jiangsu Swan Musical Instrument Co., LTD., to closely observe the production process of harmonica, and visited the new farm in Jingjiang Village, feeling the natural beauty of the countryside.


The swan instrument inspires the passion of entrepreneurship and the vitality of innovation, all the way forward, all the way wonderful song. Over the years, it has been awarded "National high-tech enterprise", "Jiangsu famous brand products", "Jiangsu Famous trademark", "AA quality integrity enterprise" and "National AAA Standard good behavior enterprise" and so on. Strengthen technical innovation to further upgrade the grade of products; Innovation and development, the establishment of swan RESEARCH and development center; Increase the investment in technical renovation to enhance the comprehensive strength of the company; It is the eternal theme of swan musical instrument to seize opportunities in all aspects and explore the market through multiple channels. We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the musical instrument Association and the harmonica professional committee, the harmonica industry will keep pace with The Times, develop and innovate, and make greater contributions to the development of China's musical instrument industry.