Chen Tao, General Manager of Swan, won the "Technology Star of the Musical Instrument Industry 2018"


On November 28, the seventh session of the Seventh executive Director (expansion) meeting and science and technology conference of China Musical Instrument Association was held in Zengcheng New industrial Park of Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group. Chen Tao, general manager of the company attended the meeting.

The theme of this conference is "Innovation promotes enterprise growth and technology leads industrial upgrading". Zeng Zemin, vice President of the conference, gave a report on the work of science and technology in 2018. The conference also commended the star of Science and technology in the musical instrument industry in 2018, and Chen Tao, general manager of our company, was awarded the honor.

"Swan" has more than 30 years of development history, strong technical force, is the harmonica industry scale manufacturers, in recent years the company always adhere to scientific and technological innovation to promote enterprise development, launched a series of new products, and achieved one after another, gained 5 invention patents, 12 utility model patents, exterior design for more than ninety, four "province high-tech products", and "national high and new technology enterprise", for swan company's product innovation has played a positive role in promoting. Swan company will continue to adhere to the product innovation, adhering to the spirit of craftsmen, to produce more to meet the needs of players swan harmonica.