Swan company contributes to the 2018 International Blind Festival


October 15 is the 35th International Festival for the Blind. With the theme of "Lighting up the world, Love in Jingjiang", the one-minute walk for 10,000 people has been successfully held in Jingjiang Huide College, which enables more people to experience the difficulties and hardships of the life of the blind and creates a good atmosphere for the whole society to care, understand and help the disabled. The blind section guided by disabled persons' federation of jiangsu province, taizhou disabled persons' federation, jingjiang disabled persons' federation, Beijing UU commonweal, host, jingjiang station to undertake, in collaboration with the whitehead institute of changzhou university, one of our company as the sponsor for this activity, also send the excellent employees, more than 40 were devoted to the "ten thousand blind people go through a minute experience activities".





In this activity, the harmonica orchestra of Swan Company also played "Let the World be Full of Love" and other songs in the opening ceremony, which made the public benefit activity popular. The largest harmonica "Swan 1248 Harmonica King" appeared and played live, which won the applause of teachers, students and people in the community.


Swan musical instrument Company in recent years under the care and support of government departments at all levels, the rapid development of the enterprise, has achieved good economic benefits, has been "Jiangsu Famous trademark", "Jiangsu famous brand products" and "National high-tech enterprises" and other honors. While achieving good benefits, the company did not forget to return to the society. The company participated in public welfare activities for many times and was highly appraised by the society.


As an enterprise with a history of 37 years, our company has always been concerned about social public welfare events. By participating in this activity, employees can not only truly experience the hardships of the life of the blind, but also actively mobilize the whole society with their own practical actions to further care for the blind group and make their own contribution. Truly "light up the world, love in Jingjiang".