The second training course for harmonica teachers of Central Conservatory of Music was successfully held in Swan!


July 17 - on July 19, swan instrument co., LTD in jiangsu for the three days of the second phase of the central academy of music (harmonica) professional training, music teachers from 12 provinces in 23 regions of the country's more than fifty teachers and about the harmonica music lovers copolymerization, join this long-awaited harmonica music teacher training activities.


At 8:30 on the morning of 17th, the grand opening ceremony was held in the multi-function hall of Swan Company. The opening ceremony was presided by Chen Hongmei, President of Swan Musical instrument Company. This training activities by the central academy of music, Chinese musical instrument association and jiangsu new genes culture development co., LTD., by the central music college taizhou certification center and the Chinese popular music association professional committee of the harmonica, joint and management, swan instrument and the sponsor, for the meeting of leaders at all levels, the lecturers ebullient speech and speech training class, also invited to Shanghai harmonica total factory director Mr Jiang Linsen, Kane instrument co., LTD., chairman of Mr David chang, Shanghai assumed the musical instrument co., LTD., chairman of Mr Xie Qiang, Shanghai Oriental Musical Instruments factory changzhou units on behalf of Mr Wen-hua shi peers such as brother, The specific requirements for this training class and students are put forward.




At the opening ceremony, 8 class committee members including monitor, vice monitor and study committee members were elected. This training, brings together the shandong, hebei, Shanghai, jiangsu, gansu, heilongjiang and other excellent music teachers across the country and the harmonica lovers, the second phase of the harmonica lessons provided a good ability to improve yourself and improve the knowledge communication platform, also make the further improved its swan instruments and more recognition.



On the first day of the training, the foundation and skills of playing the polyphonic harmonica were mainly given, supplemented by the necessary basic music theory teaching. Under the careful instruction of Teacher Bai Yansheng, the scholars mastered more harmonica knowledge and skills. After class, students actively seek advice from the teacher, students communicate with each other, discuss common progress, each other from unfamiliar to familiar.



At the end of the one-day course, Chen Dong, two teachers and the class committee also held a class meeting. The class committee also put forward many constructive Suggestions based on their own ideas and other teachers' ideas. The teachers also adjusted their teaching mode partially according to these Suggestions.










At the end of the one-day course, Chen Dong, two teachers and the class committee also held a class meeting. The class committee also put forward many constructive Suggestions based on their own ideas and other teachers' ideas. The teachers also adjusted their teaching mode partially according to these Suggestions.



At 5:00-8:30pm, the theme party of "sincerely invite guests from all over the world to share harmonica feelings" will be held in the multi-function hall of Swan Company. On the one hand, the party will relieve the students' fatigue of studying harmonica specialized lessons for two days. On the other hand, it will also help them to communicate and collision with harmonica music, as well as emotional fusion and resonance. Swan harmonica orchestra, Teacher Bai Yansheng, Teacher Long Deng Jie, members of Lanzhou Harmonica Club and many outstanding students brought an incomparable audio-visual feast to all staff of Swan Company, teachers and guests present.







In addition to playing harmonica, Teacher Bai yansheng also introduced the swan new major chord and big bass harmonica. Swan, adhering to the original intention of product innovation, produced a unique harmonica with microphone, which has been forging ahead in the road of music.

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In addition, the party also added a special pre-answering link, which tested the participants' knowledge of harmonica. The pre-answering atmosphere was warm, which added a lot of fun to the party and showed everyone's love for harmonica instruments. All of them answered questions actively.



The training on the third day was a comprehensive teaching of polyphonic and chromatic content, reflecting the students' keen demand for their comprehensive knowledge and comprehensive grasp of practical operation. The students also summarized the course of the day, proposed their own problems that they did not understand and existed, and solved them in class.





After the training, the students for the completion of the examination, acceptance of the results of the three days of training, to investigate the students for the classroom knowledge of the master, the examination is divided into written and practical assessment, the students have taken out a hundred times confidence to prepare for war.





Through the three days of training, the students learned and communicated with professional instructors face to face, which not only enabled the students to learn more music theory knowledge, master more harmonica playing skills, but also enhanced their love for harmonica music. More importantly, the students' practical ability and problems in the past harmonica teaching have been standardized, which reflects the musical charm of harmonica. We believe that this training will make the harmonica music blossom all over the country, and the harmonica music art will be more brilliant tomorrow. Many students have suggested holding another consolidation and upgrading class, which reflects their thirst for knowledge.