Jiangsu Swan Musical Instrument Co., LTD. Nanjing - Changzhou day tour



On the occasion of the wind and Japanese greetings, the blue sky in June, Swan company carefully organized all staff nanjing - Changzhou one day tour activities. All the staff sang and played continuously, which fully reflected the atmosphere of swan's home. Unconsciously, we came to the first scenic spot - Niushou Mountain.



Niushou Mountain is designed with the core concept of "repairing heaven que, hiding underground palace, repairing Holy road, showing two towers, prospering Buddhist temple and enriching culture". It is an ecological scenic spot integrating Buddhism and Zen culture, Jinling culture and natural landscape. Along the way, we visited the natural scenery, and focused on the Buddha's Top palace and The Grand View of Zen state, which is the core of the Buddha's Top holy land area. It is only open seven or eight times a year. This year, we caught up with it, which fully shows that we have a destiny with The Buddha. Staff have been captivated by the stupidest of the temple's relics, snapping pictures on their mobile phones to document the stunning Buddhist heritage.




Then, we came to the Salt Lake City east, employees enjoy the maoshan unique "mountain, water, salt, tea, medicine, spring" tan geographical culture, resources and culture, watched with original songs and dances, geographical and cultural custom dance judge combining fire-breathing stunt performance of jintan sanxing village neolithic human vulcan worship ceremony. The night scene of The Eastern Salt Lake City is very beautiful, when the sunset west oblique night fall, the lights in the eastern Salt Lake City scenic area lit up, along the street of the shops Lin Long everywhere, the perfect combination of night and light make the whole scenic area change another scene. The eastern Salt Lake City under the lights becomes more gorgeous and peaceful nature complement each other, more harmonious and comfortable. Some of the employees are enjoying a pleasant stroll along the tree-lined paths of flowers and bushes, while others sit by the roadside and enjoy the night lights.





In just one day, we fully felt the collision and fusion of Buddhism and Taoism, broadened our horizon and cultivated our sentiment. Swan company focuses on the development of the enterprise at the same time, give full consideration to the cultural life of employees, the annual tourism is one of the culture of enterprise employees, make employees not only relax the body and mind, enhance the cohesive affinity of the company, the employees also open up, can promote their work better, embodies the swan company with the staff for this purpose.