Swan Instruments Co., Ltd. - Changshu - Wuxi one-day tour


In this language, dove Ming bees and butterflies with the sweet summer season, swan company organized all the staff once a year the one-day tour, the tour of the reed Shajiabang very patriotic education significance on scenic area, modern intelligent Longliqi biological industrial park, Zen happy twist flower Bay scenic area.

Shajiabang reed scenic area as the national patriotism education bases, famous for its red green ecological education, the traditional environment, we took a boat trip under the reed maze, enjoy the Shajiabang features performances, reproduce in Sha Jia qingsao and a number of people joining hands to the Anti Japanese War of the New Fourth Army visited the scene; after its industrial park, the production process is highly automated and its unique business perspective gives us great inspiration; walking in the street at night and enjoy the sweet month, flowers experience Zen life very pleasant Bay.

The Swan staff tour activities, aims to promote the spirit of teamwork, create brilliant enterprise culture, enhance the cohesion of the staff, is also a way of gratitude, let the staff to relax the mood, Tao Ye to the staff for a long time hard sentiment expression. By participating in collective activities, employees from different departments can also be gathered together to share feelings and promote friendship and understanding. At the end of the day, everyone said the pressure had been released, and the enthusiasm of the host was greatly improved.