"Swan sail", the first national youth harmonica Art Festival held in Beijing


In April 29, 2017, by the national art talent pool, sponsored by the Specialized Committee Jiangsu Swan harmonica musical instrument Co., Ltd. hosted the Swan - set "the first National Youth Art Festival held in the golden harp International Conference Center in Beijing, chairman Chen Hongmei and general manager Chen Tao was invited to attend, to witness the Harmonica for youth chairman Chen Hongmei speech at the feast, and the opening ceremony.

As a benchmark enterprise in the harmonica industry, swan instruments have paid attention to the development of Chinese harmonica art and supported the education of musical instruments into the classroom for many years. The company undertakes "Swan - sail" the first national youth Harmonica Festival, intended to show the communication platform to help students Da Jiangao, let the harmonica art into every national campus, let the Swan harmonica spread to every student.

The festival of the harmonica is brilliant, attracted from the country's more than 20 provinces, more than one thousand students and master of harmonica harmonica lovers, in the young conductor, educator Wang Yulin under the command of Huang Wensheng led by the International Master of harmonica playing, performing a thousand harmonica ensemble, called for the first time in the history of the development of China on the harmonica. The teenagers of the six bands in Fengtai District brought five great ensembles of great harmonica adapted by Professor Huang Wensheng, and the great hall resounded with the sound of melodious harmonica. When the thousands of Harmonica Ensemble students carry Black Swan semi tone harmonica, it indicates that the quality of our harmonica is enough for harmonica lovers.

The Harmonica Festival, can not only enjoy the grand and magnificent, show the team's understanding of the harmonica ensemble performance, harmonica ensemble, solo, "Serenade", "Minuet in G major", the students communicate through competition, and close contact in the game master of harmonica, gain experience and joy. At the same time the national standard harmonica grading, more to stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of young people to learn harmonica, guiding them to a higher level to play.

The festival has been the concern of the society, online broadcast audience of more than 40000 people, dozens of media coverage, truly "popularization, grasping quality", let the students become a force to promote the Chinese harmonica, harmonica art with the world, let more people know and love the Swan harmonica. To promote the rapid development of domestic harmonica career.