The 2017 annual meeting of the new Jiangsu Swan musical instrument company


In January 25th, 1:30 pm, our theme is "in unison , continuous innovation, temper forward to work together with one heart," the new year in a park held God ma. 


At the beginning of the annual meeting, chairman Chen made a summary of the 2016 annual work and the report on the objectives of the work of the year in 2017, published an annual summary and outlook for the new year, the outstanding staff of various jobs have also made a statement.

Last 2016, all the staff adhere to the "Swan, be enthusiastic and press on to forge ahead, create a new situation in the development of the spirit of" Swan, has made brilliant achievements. The two new products are "high and new technology products in Jiangsu province", "high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province", "private technology enterprises in Jiangsu province" and "Jiangsu science and technology innovation enterprises"". Get a result is the majority of employees to forge ahead, overcome the difficulties of the results. To sum up experience, establish the typical advanced incentive, in recognition of the 2016 annual "excellent staff" and advanced workers, in recognition of the General Assembly called on the majority of staff to the advanced workers, advanced workers as an example, ningxinjuli, to create a brilliant new Swan, make contributions.

In order to allow all employees to relax, relax mood, the annual meeting of the preparatory staff also prepared a lot of exciting activities, the workshop also versatile, actively participate in, will also prepare a lot of Swan harmonica harmonica brilliant for us, new year will be a complete success.

The flight of time, time flies. Looking back on 2016, the swan is not afraid of hardship, struggle together, work together. Looking ahead to 2017, we look forward to a brighter and better tomorrow.