Our company will attend the harmonica women entrepreneurs of Jingjiang City Chamber of Commerce "Qingnuan Chongyang Festival"

TIME:2016-10.24 VISITS:

    In October 9th, when the Chongyang Festival is approaching, our city chamber of women entrepreneurs United veteran painting shadow Association held "Qingnuan Chongyang" fraternity, to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival, the chairman of the company as a member of the association of women entrepreneurs invited to attend.

    Recreational activities, women entrepreneurs, chamber of Commerce members of the unit are put on a wonderful show, my company as a representative of the harmonica industry, by the Swan Harmonica Association brought the "dance of the Yao" "flower" picking a reed two songs will feature harmonica played most incisive, so that the presence of the audience find everything fresh and new. Our company is the production of the most professional manufacturer of harmonica harmonica industry, its production scale, product variety and economic benefits has maintained a leading position, is also the Swan harmonica adhering to the artisan spirit, constantly humbleness and innovation, to the country, into the world.

   The Double Ninth Festival as a festival for the elderly, traditional and modern skillfully combined to become, respect for the elderly, ZhuLao, elderly people's festival, I actively participate in the chamber of Commerce organizations such activities, let everyone enjoy the wonderful harmonica, as an own strength, to the elderly to send blessings, and play heat the community spirit of dedication to their point of praise.