In 2016 eleventh Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival a complete success



  During the five days of the eleventh Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival officially ended in August 7th, the Art Festival "theme of harmony and integration, Qinyin" held in Taiwan County of Hsinchu.


  The Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival since 1996 was founded in Taiwan, the number of participants is increasing year by year, the Asia Pacific Harmonica enthusiasts, performer of the event, is the region's largest harmonica, harmonica enthusiasts have fixed performances, let game communication stage, our company as the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival organizer, is honored to witness and participate in this event. And for the festival custom all prizes.


  In addition to the fierce competition, each concert performance is brilliant, from Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Hongkong and other countries have brought a harmonica ensemble stunning performance. The lessons are listed for teaching materials of primary and secondary school music, as the harmonica grading test and other instruments, which provides opportunities for the promotion of harmonica, and as a professional harmonica production enterprises, developed for harmonica lovers and the high quality of the harmonica, is our responsibility, through the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, a review for our harmonica products, in order to facilitate further research and development of new products, to produce world-class harmonica, harmonica enthusiasts and performers to meet the demand.


In the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, "Swan" chromatic harmonica, with its excellent quality, by the majority of the harmonica lovers of all ages. We will be the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival as an opportunity to make more and more harmonica experts fans know and love "Swan" Chinese harmonica harmonica, to promote better development of the cause.