I should be invited to participate in the Ministry of culture and cultural elite network development forum news conference



July 31st afternoon, by the Ministry of culture and cultural elite network organized by the cultural elite network development forum and the national art talent pool news conference held in Beijing Chateau Star River Hotel.

Chairman Chen Hongmei and general manager Chen Tao as the sole representative of the harmonica industry were invited to attend the cultural elite network development forum news conference, and to more than twenty stars, famous painter, presented a chromatic harmonica custom. Will my company spokesperson, technical adviser of Swan harmonica professor Huang Wensheng of the Ministry of culture, the first batch of national Chinese professional experts certificate, harmonica. Conference has just started, the professional training master class in charge of the stage to do the project on the stage to explain. Mr. Bai Yuntao, director of the cultural elite national network operations center awarded for harmonica professional appointment, and for the cultural elite network strategic partner award! Master class training harmonica for Mr. Huang Wensheng also came to do the training on storage. After a presentation, master Huang Wensheng played harmonica for "memory" and "knife horse dance" two tracks, the scene applause, lively and extraordinary. "Swan harmonica" praised by Huang Wensheng as "the best Chinese harmonica", will be further under the guidance of Professor Huang Wensheng, the quality of excellence, striving to be the world's first brand, is China harmonica music career, carry forward and make due contributions.

Cultural elite network aims to build a lighthouse with the height of the Chinese national cultural brand, promote the theme, spread positive energy, leading the vane of the era of culture, to contribute to the great rejuvenation of national culture!

The news conference was held, in work on behalf of the cultural elite national network talent pool in other arts officially opened the harmonica music was officially approved by the state, as the harmonica grading test and other musical instruments, is the popularization of harmonica music education and improve the national quality of a new initiative, is an important means of promoting the development of instrumental music in the classroom. The harmonica professional will play a positive role in promoting (above student guitar for black swan chromatic).