Before the cohesion of the peak - the Swan musical instrument Co., Ltd. in recognition of advanced staff

TIME:2015-03.30 VISITS:

February 15th at 1 pm in the company conference room held a grand cohesion before climbing the peak, the 2014 year-end summary of the recognition of the general assembly, the company leaders and all staff to attend the meeting.

The chairman of the company was entitled "cohesion forward, tough tackling, continuous innovation, never climbed the peak" year-end summary report, in 2014 the company faced with shrinking domestic macroeconomic pressure and fierce market competition in the new situation, all the staff for their hard work and hard work, the company adhere to the "innovation, develop new products, improve product quality, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, consolidate the market position of the first national harmonica sales, the company's" Swan "harmonica, Melodica, Clarinet and other products grew steadily, all the staff together, work together, forge ahead, emerged in a number of innovative, conscientious, diligent, conscientious and dedication of the advanced workers made a grand recognition in the summary of the meeting.

The company party secretary, chairman Chen Hongmei said the Swan instrument has a special combat, able to endure hardship, the dedication of the staff, this is particularly proud of it. The development of the company can not do without the joint efforts of all cadres and employees, although different positions, responsibilities are different, but we are using their own practical action interpretation of the work of a high degree of responsibility and unlimited enthusiasm. Hope won the recognition of the staff, build new heights, guard against arrogance and rashness, hope all staff united, chuangxianzhengyou, tough tackling, never climbed the peak, in the Swan platform for growth, create our own glory.