Wuhan City, the first private Harmonica Club

TIME:2009-09.21 VISITS:

Dozens of harmonica lovers from the towns of Wuhan gathered in wansongyuan "dark" coffee, Jiangcheng celebrate the first folk club set up here in the harmonica. In 2002 CCTV Spring Festival special in the pocket four hole harmonica "Suzanne" harmonica player Luo Baohua, live performances get rid of playing skills. At the age of eight with Luo Baohua to learn harmonica Wuhan students Xia Hao, also shows the double piano playing skills exchange.

"Guyu" coffee general manager Guo Bin, is a harmonica fancier. Once, he enjoyed the Luo Baohua violin playing a harmonica imitation of "Butterfly Lovers", immediately invited him in performances. Luo Baohua's harmonica rang reach the acme of perfection, nostalgia strings. Some heard Luo Baohua playing shows customers have asked Luo Baohua the harmonica skills. In order to meet the harmonica enthusiasts, in Luo Baohua's proposal, the folk harmonica enthusiasts club came into being.