Italy name piano shot in the history of the highest price

TIME:2009-09.21 VISITS:

Morning news: Antonio Stradi Walid is one of history's most famous violin making master. In April 22nd, a piano made by him in an auction in New York to shoot a $2 million 32 thousand price, more than the previous auction price of all instruments.

Agence France-Presse reported on April 22nd, this is called "tannatt lady" of the Guqin made in 1699, when the production skills of 55 year old Stradivari has been close to the peak, so this violin sounds very pure. Another Guqin Stradivari produced in 1990 to $1 million 800 thousand at the time of the auction record refresh instrument. After the expert appraisal of the Guqin is about 800 thousand to 1 million 200 thousand dollars. Did not expect the final price far beyond the forecast. In 1990, another Guqin Stradivari produced had a price of $1 million 800 thousand to refresh the record instrument

Antonio Stradivari (AntonioStradivari) was born on 1644 in Italy about Cremona, life has produced about 1100 stringed instruments, including violin, lute, guitar and harp. He made about 650 pieces of musical instruments has been retained in the violin all the instruments are very valuable, and can send the one and only the pure sound.

Music experts say, 1700 to 1720 is Stradivari's "golden period", during this time, he created the best musical instrument.