Sit "car" parents accompany snow "hot music grading test"

TIME:2009-09.21 VISITS:

The day before yesterday, the sky snowing, the temperature dropped a lot, but early in the morning, or more than 4000 candidates in accompanied by parents and friends of the Xi'an Conservatory of Music in the spring of 2005, cma. "Car" more and more the day before yesterday, Xi'an music college campus was just a parking lot, many parents send their children to drive to test. Various models of the car from the school gate has been lined up before the examination room, there are five hundred or six hundred meters long. A car stopped, children often come out first, then carrying instruments of parents, each child has a few adults to accompany, were eagerly eagerly, anxiously waiting for the parents each test center.

A lady told reporters: "in order to child grading, today I dedicated to the unit to leave. Children learn music is very hard, but the most tired or parents, this is no way, now the competition is too intense!" More and more small compared with last year, this year is the most professional for Piano and electronic organ, more than 1000 people, guzheng and erhu professional candidates also increased. In the electronic organ test center, the reporter saw a group of children of four or five years old, although young, but the piano for almost a year, they said they love playing, the examination does not stage fright. According to the Xi'an Academy of Music Grading office director Guo Xingmao introduction, in recent years the grading of children is more and more small, because of the acceptance of strict formal training, performance level is not low.

Zhang Wendi, Zhang Wenqi, Cheng Shanqi, Cheng Shanpu, Hu Zhao, Hu Ji, Shao Huizi, Shao Yangzi 4 twins joined the percussion professional grading, and impromptu collaboration performance percussion "Spanish bullfighting dance", make people feel very fresh. The 8 children are from Beilin District Children's palace, between the ages of 9 to 12 years old, lively and cheerful. To accompany them to test the Zhang Sen teacher told reporters, the twins learn percussion, together than the general children more tacit understanding, musicality and coordination ability is strong, because they often participate in the show, school life is more abundant.