The world famous ten hole harmonica master J.J.milteau will come to China!

TIME:2009-09.21 VISITS:

J.j.milteau master of the performance in China for our harmonica lovers feel than the rolling stones to show more interesting!

From April 18th to May 15th nearly a month's time, he and his band in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou five city tour. Chinese harmonica music network will be full coverage of the tour, can not see his show friends can understand the latest reports in a timely manner through the following address: specialid=1?

The following is the travel time:

April 22nd (Saturday) 19:30 Beijing Railway Station performance venue: Beijing Zhongshan Park music hall on April 23rd (Sunday) NanJing Railway Station performance venue: Nanjing Grand Theater

April 25th (Tuesday) 19:30 performance venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center, April 27th (Thursday), WuHan Railway Station performance venue: Hubei Wuhan Theater

April 30th (Sunday) 20:00 Guangzhou Railway Station Venue: Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall