Art is long life dream harmonica sound.

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There is such a young man, as the harmonica art for life love, a leisure is obsessed with playing it, study it and spread it. However, it is such a valuable to him, carry forward the serious music sense of responsibility and perseverance to pursue the harmonica music art, the person "toy" little harmonica, the construction of spiritual civilization in the melody, cleverly joined a group of unique tone chord, play a one and a moving big movement. He is a young harmonica player, Lanzhou Harmonica Association, deputy secretary of the Tianshui Philharmonic Choir, the current deputy director of Tianshui State Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau of Comrade Jiang Lixin. Time can not go back, years can recall, stay in the mind, printed on the mind, let a person aftertaste, is often the happiest, the most beautiful memories. The Oriental Pearl - Hongkong, sun in the sky, blue sea blue, flowers bloom.

August 3rd to 9, located in Vitoria harbor of Hongkong cultural center, Ambilight, brilliantly illuminated from the Asia Pacific region, more than and 20 countries and regions, nearly 2000 athletes gathered here, attended by the Hongkong Arts Development Council, Hongkong Harmonica Association, Hongkong Youth Association, Hongkong TV 4 Taiwan jointly hosted the fifth Asia Pacific Harmonica festival. In "tremolo harmonica solo" game, I saw a tall young man and stepped onto the stage, refined and cultured, and freely demeanor, to the judges and the audience to sit up and take notice, "he played the designated tracks ahead" and optional track "Hungarian Dance No. fifth" bright, smooth, melodious, won the audience thunderous applause, he succeeded, won the merit award, becoming the five won the honor of one of them, written on the face of smile made him excited and intoxicated, when playing the piano, practicing the way, he have mixed feelings, thoughts of thousands. 25 years ago, he was admitted to the tax bureau for recruitment, assigned to a remote mountainous area tax, become a glorious Republic shuiguan. During the day, zoucunchuanhu, busy travel over land and water taxes; at night, lit the lamp, so stay up late. Life in the mountains is poor and tasteless, and sometimes monotonous as a piece of paper, need to write, draw the space is too much.

The countryside fresh here, here folkway is thick, whenever the evening, labor day fell out of the fields, the adults came, children holding cattle, was full of Castle Peak sunset, red against the body, stay in the face, this is a beautiful natural scenery? This is not a scholar in the eyes of the fine painting it? Inspired by the click, so he had to dub this picture intent, so his eyes turned into notes, harmonica, turned into a mountain, a blossoming flowers, he wants to use music to nurture the hearts of young children, the elderly moist dry eyes, wake up young people love shy. Embarrassed by living, he cannot expect piano, electronic organ and other valuable instruments, little harmonica can blow a wonderful music, so he fell in love with the harmonica, harmonica also became his own hobby. Every time I go out, both work and leisure, he did not forget to bring a blow harmonica, midway, melancholy work was lost, the sky is high, will broaden the mind, life will be easy, since then, the Tauren laughed, Gui Gu Junle, small mountain river, the country on the ridge, farmhouse in the dormitory of the unit left in figure and he blew the piano music. As of 1985, the TV university students practice passing through Shanghai, he did not rush to go sightseeing, but ask Xiang found the Shanghai Street Harmonica Factory Shop, buy a few books and a few of the harmonica harmonica. That held the national harmonica contest news from the journal, although I was very busy at that time, it is necessary to write the graduation thesis, and review the examination, but he was still busy from time out, playing harmonica at home recorded a famous adaptation of "Shiren" a group of Zizhu tunes, sent on time, got more than and 70 points, try to resolve there is a small harvest.

The harmonica in China had its unique period. Before 80s, holding a small harmonica, as later the young man holding a guitar chic and stylish. In a golden age, the harmonica disappeared from most people imperceptibly in the line of sight, some people can only cling to the harmonica struggling to stick to their own position, the frontier art quietly hidden in the little-known rear. The harmonica development needs of talent, especially young people like him diligently strive after. Lanzhou is a hot spot for harmonica career, famous harmonica performer Mr. Fu Haojiu founded Lanzhou harmonica in the domestic famous, become the cradle of many harmonica lovers for 90 years, in August, he took part in the game the first harmonica Musicians Association of Lanzhou city in Gansu province and Lanzhou will organize the harmonica, that he did not think that he playing the "variations" and "Fengyang Huagu Nanniwan" two tracks, as finalists, won the award, the first time in the harmonica game scene, really makes him feel the unique charm of music intoxicating, but also a firm he was engaged in the harmonica's confidence and determination. Soon, he was in Lanzhou will attract members of the harmonica, and peer recognition and appreciation, which makes him more opportunity and Fu Haojiu master of harmonica learning and communication skills, he was excited and said: "I was like a tree in the barren land to germination seedlings, implanted warm fertile the flower bed". Subsequently, he was added as the director, and entrusted with the task to carry out the work in the Tianshui area, on the one hand he diligently, improve the harmonica skills