Chang Yi: Harmonica girl in Suzhou

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Suzhou News Network: harmonica, an instrument is common, many people regard it as a way of leisure leisure time. Listen to the notes blown out from the performer's mouth, you will be surprised at this little harmonica creates the infinite charm of music. In August this year, a girl named Chang Yi in Suzhou with a small harmonica, on the podium international harmonica competition, news, let the hometown people rejoice.

A tall, long straight hair, with refined and courteous people around a greeting, first met Yi often a girl next door look cute. A typical southern girl, but with a good personality. Originally, who grew up in Suzhou Yi often has many years of experience in beijing. Chang Yi told reporters, when junior middle school graduation, my grandmother saw a Beijing Tian Hua art school enrollment to news from the newspaper, told weekdays love music and performing granddaughter. The first test, retest, interview, all the way through, Yi often with an absolute advantage in talent shows itself all candidates, becoming the Beijing Tian Hua art school in Suzhou recruiting two students in a.

Away from home to Beijing, parents naturally some do not worry, often Yue's father and mother insisted to send her daughter to Beijing. Looking at the poor living environment of the school dormitory. Mom and dad some hesitation, but Chang Yi but with a smile on their parents said that they must be in the palace of the Arts in a rush, the pursuit of their own art space. After two years of professional study vocal music, Yi often passed the Music Department of the Beijing Institute of education.

Chang Yi said that the harmonica was an accident. In 2002, learning for many years of vocal music is often decided to strengthen the study of music theory. The teachers consider her future development, but advised her to learn a musical instrument, the harmonica or flute. Because the teacher is the first international game chromatic harmonica solo was the gold medal winner, the harmonica has a very deep attainments, therefore, often Yili naturally chose the harmonica. "The harmonica's hard work, not suitable for a girl." Chang Yi said, the harmonica depends on the friction between the septum and chin lip, "said constantly on the harmonica to move back and forth, I began to feel very uncomfortable, very painful." Often Yixue is chromatic harmonica, harmonica side there is a push button, "when playing the harp, lips constantly on the harmonica to move back and forth, hand and ready to use push button, also think of heart rhythm, multitasking, very easy to make a mistake." The school piano room is in the basement, often the Yi often locked himself in there closed training. The cell phone signal is not good, and no windows, Chang Yi said, into the piano room, do not know the time, often a practice is six or seven hours, out of the piano room, the day has been dark.

To participate in the 2005 International (Hangzhou) harmonica Invitational, often on the Yi is a two and a half years to test their level of opportunity of harmonica. Chang Yi told reporters that this is an international contest in the first China harmonica at. The players from Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in the world, but this is only one of the often pleasant from the southern region of Suzhou. In the game, often with a pleasant calm, Beethoven's "Romance" to show the level and strength of his harmonica, won the silver medal in the group chromatic harmonica solo. In the face of honor, often in the joy of joy but it is very calm. She said that he is now playing the level of difficulty, the pursuit of art is never ending, in the art of the road there is still a long way to go." Chang Yi said after the game ended, his back to Beijing to record some harmonica tapes for school teaching. While talking about the future development of Suzhou, the girl said, now Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places have a lot to harmonica professional primary school, specialized training for children like the harmonica, your prize is just a personal honor in the future have the opportunity to open a harmonica training room in Suzhou, "let the harmonica to develop arts in Suzhou."