Harmonica Specialized Committee held the three session of the two meeting

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China Instrument Association Network News: March 2004 20 - 21 days, the two meeting of the three Chinese harmonica Musical Instrument Association held in Jiangsu Jingjiang Specialized Committee. A meeting of the Shanghai General Factory, Shanghai Guoguang harmonica harmonica Factory Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co., Ltd., Tianjin Wuxi SUZUKI musical instruments Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Tongbao Jiangyin Oriental Musical Instruments Co. Ltd., Shanghai Lansheng ho Na Instrument Co. Ltd., Shanghai Lansheng Harmonica Factory and Shanghai copper plant and was first approved. A member of the association of China instruments in the activities of Jiangsu Qimei harmonica Specialized Committee limited and other ten member units.

Zhejiang Yuyao Hemudu Site Jiangsu Jintan electric appliance plastic factory, Hetou craft paper products factory and Jiangsu Jingjiang Ma Chau electroplating factory as supporting the processing unit in many harmonica industry also attended the meeting. A total of more than and 20 people attended the meeting on behalf of and to attend the meeting. The three session of the three meeting by the Deputy Secretary of the Specialized Committee vice president Ms. Chen Hongmei long harmonica harmonica and Specialized Committee Mr. Miu Zhixing presided over the harmonica, Specialized Committee President Mr. Chen Dibin conveyed the three member of the four Chinese Musical Instrument Association (enlarged) spirit of the meeting and China Musical Instrument Association in 2004 work plan, vice president and Secretary General Mr. Zhou Weiyi made on the harmonica professional in 2003 the committee work report. China Instrument Association Leadership chairman Wang Gentian specially called from Beijing to congratulate on the annual meeting of the Specialized Committee held a harmonica.

The meeting by the Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co. Ltd. and Jiangsu Chi Mei instrument limited company to make the exchange of experience, Shanghai Lansheng ho Na instrument limited company also introduced the international market, actively complete foreign market orders to speak to a deep inspiration to be representative.

The three session of the three meeting of the Specialized Committee of the harmonica work has been seriously discussed, and for years the harmonica Specialized Committee to carry out the line about the examination. The meeting on the future work direction to the Specialized Committee and the harmonica are discussed emphatically. We focus on technical exchanges, to overcome the difficulties of rising raw materials appropriate to increase the sales price, discussed on how to improve the quality of the raw materials and the harmonica harmonica industry to carry out counterfeiting and other issues, meeting the requirements of the harmonica industry to play the role of Specialized Committee, which has a tight unity within the industry, and the industry division of labor, not only there is competition in the market, and the new situation of the harmony and unity of the good circulation. During the meeting, the delegates also visited the Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co. Ltd. and Jiangsu Chi Mei instrument limited company, give a good evaluation to the company's production management and factory appearance.

The meeting approved in principle the China Specialized Committee with Chinese musical instruments Association Harmonica Association and the Federation of light industry China prepared national occupation standard harmonica musical instrument parts. Meeting support Shanghai Harmonica Factory do pianica industry standard drafting. According to the China Light Industry Association issued a meeting with the Chinese Light Industry Association to carry out the investigation of product quality. The meeting decided that the four session of the three meeting was held in March 2005, and commissioned Jiangyin Jiangsu Oriental Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. to host the four session of the three meeting. The three session of the three meeting is held together to support and care and each member of the Chinese Specialized Committee harmonica Musical Instrument Association under the end of the conference in solidarity, cooperation, support, endeavour.