The twenty-ninth World Music Education Conference News

TIME:2010-08.10 VISITS:


On August 1st -6 Swan instruments as the sole representative of the harmonica industry to participate in the twenty-ninth world music education conference.

The twenty-ninth World Conference on music education is a grand event for the world music Olympiad. It is a grand event to create harmony and the future of the world. "Swan" as the special representative in musical instruments, showing the "Swan" harmonica, Melodica, clarinet from world music experts, scholars, musicians of appreciation and praise, show the "Swan" instruments of high quality brand image. Especially the "Swan" series of high-grade harmonica is that delegates love, all exhibitors products were sold on the spot.

On August 6th at the twenty-ninth World Congress of music education in the successful closing of the Swan instruments made contributions to promote and promote the development of music culture industry in the world, and the conference organizing committee chairman Jin Tielin personally issued a certificate of honor.