Germany International Musical Instruments Exhibition

TIME:2011-05.06 VISITS:

In April 4, 2011, our company took part in the German international musical instrument exhibition in the exhibition, our company has a variety of products to customers, 16 holes, 20 holes, 24 holes, 28 holes, 10 holes of 20 tone series harmonica; Bruce harmonica; 10 hole 12 hole 40 tone, 48 tone, 14 tone, 16 hole 56 the 64 hole harmonica and other high-end audio chord, bass harmonica accompaniment; 13 keys, 27 keys, 32 keys, 37 keys series organ; 6 holes, 8 holes and other series products. Fine, quality products won the national harmonica enthusiasts and customers praise and praise, all commodities were sold on the spot, and Germany, America, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey and other countries of the customer and we signed a contract for the sale of Swan harmonica.