Jingjiang Swan harmonica will set up "

TIME:2011-05.06 VISITS:

The establishment of the "Jingjiang Swan harmonica" news aroused widespread concern. April 24th, to enroll in more than 30 fans gathered at the harmonica harmonica will Swan Company, they visited the harmonica production workshop, and has carried on the discussion. At the forum, the 86 year old Jiang Wei said the old gentleman: harmonica is simple, cheap, a lot of music masters in the world is entering the music hall by harmonica, harmonica, Chinese was one of the cradle of great influence in Southeast Asia in four and 50s, but these years I feel less and less people are playing the harmonica, as Jingjiang has the largest harmonica production base, is richly endowed by nature condition, therefore the Swan musical instrument company founded the "Swan harmonica" is a measure of the inheritance of ethnic musical instruments, I hope to do successfully, harmonica playing be handed down from age to age. Swan musical instrument Co., Ltd., chairman Chen Hongmei said that the future will regularly carry out art exchange activities.