Technology innovation to seize the commanding heights of the future market competition

TIME:2012-03.02 VISITS:

In recent years, our company to increase the construction of scientific and technological innovation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to seek long-term development of the initiative, the formation of a long-term competitive advantage, and achieved remarkable results. Chromatic harmonica series won the Jiangsu high-tech products, enterprises for two consecutive years was awarded the "private technology enterprises in Jiangsu province science and technology department". At present, the Jingjiang Municipal Science and technology work, and was named the 2011 Annual intellectual property rights of the work of advanced enterprises".

Innovation is endless, the future of science and technology achievements. Therefore, we should further create a respect for talent, encourage innovation mechanism, fully stimulate the creativity of the general staff, the future development of the "Swan" to seize the commanding heights.