Swan musical instruments held a special meeting of quality

TIME:2012-03.31 VISITS:

In the just concluded 3.15 in recognition of the general assembly, Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co., Ltd. was awarded the Consumer Association of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, the integrity of the unit".

In recent years, our company every year by the international consumer rights day, held a meeting and the quality of work, quality of work up to the safe working level to deal with, put forward "the next procedure is customer" quality management philosophy, the board of directors of the company to change the concept of "long concentric Co, and effectively improve the quality of swan" made an important speech as the theme, Chen Dong hope that through this meeting quality, so that all employees to "real swan from the thought to establish the quality security concept" strict requirements, always put the "quality and safety as top priority to grasp", requires all employees to further unify their thinking, change the concept of concentric Co, grasp the "Swan" harmonica, Melodica, Clarinet of the quality of work.

Over the years, our company always adhere to the "integrity-based, customer first" business philosophy, the company annual product quality, make great efforts to forhigher quality, never let the problem, defective products into the market, forming a good atmosphere for everyone everyone talk about quality, good harmonica, Melodica, clarinet, and with a good reputation, has won the trust of customers, in order to realize the "Swan" harmonica, Melodica, clarinet to do fine and stronger goals laid the foundation.