The national harmonica Specialized Committee will be held in our company

TIME:2014-12.26 VISITS:

In May 8th China harmonica Musical Instrument Association Specialized Committee fifth session of the three meeting will be hosted by the Specialized Committee and the harmonica years our company in Jingjiang Binjiang Garden Hotel. Director China Chi, vice president of the Changan Association of musical instruments Association Chinese Specialized Committee President Jiang Linsen, Zhou Weiyi and harmonica, vice mayor of Jingjiang city Shen Nansong, Maqiao town Party Secretary Yao Donghui attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the vice president of the national harmonica Specialized Committee Chen Hongmei.

In recent years, our company focus on "specialization and internationalization" business philosophy, and vigorously carry out the "product innovation, excellence, a" three hit "activities, and is committed to the development and manufacturing of new products, strengthen the brand propaganda and construction, actively expand the country, inside and outside the market, enhance the the competitiveness of enterprises, has achieved impressive results. Has won the high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, five invention patents, twelve utility model patents, designs a number of 80, for 9 consecutive years to obtain "Jiangsu province famous trademark", for 6 consecutive years won the "brand-name products in Jiangsu province". Over the years has been the Chinese Musical Instruments Association as a "strong Chinese musical instruments industry companies" and "China's musical instruments industry top 50" enterprises.

At the annual meeting of the national harmonica Specialized Committee, director of our company Chinese musical instrument association long achievements in recent years fully affirmed and highly appraised, and hope the enterprises to do fine, as in the past to become big and strong "Swan" brand, and make due contributions to the music industry.