Swan full mouth organ music instruments donated to Hebei primary school in Yixian County

TIME:2012-05.28 VISITS:

In response to the implementation of the Ministry of education to strengthen the spirit of the instructions, the school of art education at the end of 4, Chinese Teaching Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Long Yu era technology limited joint our company came to Hebei Fuping County village of Ma Lan, attended the memorial of Deng Tuo's 100th birthday on the show, and presented 37 key instruments provided by the Jiangsu swans limited free full mouth organ to the primary school music here, in order to improve the quality of students' music.

I produced the new music by the mouth organ, the experts identified, is by far the best quality on the market Chinese pianica. Over the years, our company has been supporting social welfare undertakings, fully embodies the "Swan love society, swan piano with the students" purpose. In the future we will continue to care for the community, with the truth to return to the society, the production of high quality and low price, suitable for primary and secondary school students into the classroom instrumental musical instruments, musical instruments ideal let us "Swan" brand series of harmonica, Melodica, clarinet to become the national primary and middle school students into the music hall.