Hongkong artist Mr. Zhang Jiacheng used the "Swan" in Luzhou folk music exchange

TIME:2013-06.05 VISITS:


Mr. Zhang Jiacheng, general manager of Hongkong in April 2, 2013, the artist pianica music school, heard the music training center is located in Sichuan Luzhou Jiangcheng was invited to the gospel of the kindergarten. In the eyes of the little angel look forward to Mr. Zhang Jiacheng come up with the "Swan" mouth organ, in the lively rhythm of the finished a song and a song....... Wonderful music to the gospel nursery children bring joy and happiness.

Mr. Zhang Jiacheng said: "Swan" mouth organ simple and unique design for preschool children to use, "Swan" mouth organ is not only stable quality, price is relatively cheap, is a popular musical instrument. Learning organ, children can get a sense of success and confidence.

Mr. Zhang Jiacheng as a child, Everfount musical performances, dazzled the audience with joy and lively rhythm, mix together, Amoy Yi a large young heart.