Strengthen skills training, to create first-class staff

TIME:2013-09.17 VISITS:


The afternoon of September 5th, the Bureau of labor leaders to visit our company, to participate in the ceremony of stamping work skills training classes in our company.

In recent years, my company from an unknown small factory for the rapid development of China instruments of Fortune 50 companies and China instruments association strength of the company, "the swan" trademark was identified as "Jiangsu famous brand", mainly due to the enterprises to pay attention to the technical training of staff. Therefore, since 2011, our company has established a long-term business strategy of talent development, training and use of talents in the technical aspects of multiple attempts, double harvest and combine the enterprise technological transformation and technological innovation activities get talent and benefit.

The future, swan musical instruments will continue to be widely carried out in cooperation with institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, to enhance the quality of talents, the introduction of high-end technical personnel, and strive for excellence, improve the level of skills. The picture shows the scene of the opening ceremony of skill training.