Swan harvest 2013 - to promote reform and innovation and create a new Swan

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January 2014 28 PM, 2013 annual meeting of Jiangsu Swan musical instruments Co. Ltd. was held in Jingjiang Beaming with Joy hotel. Company chairman Chen Hongmei, general manager of Ding Yi the same leadership and more than 200 employees have a joyous gathering.

The meeting listened to the chairman Chen Hongmei entitled "confidence to create new brilliant" Swan be enthusiastic and press on the work report. Report seeking truth from facts and comprehensively summarizes the achievements made by enterprises in the last year, the objective analysis of the international and domestic musical instrument economic situation, put forward the general requirements of the work of next year, the basic ideas and key tasks. In 2013, facing the situation perplexing at home and abroad, the music industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, we adopt the cooperation, adhere to the "four wheel drive" difficulties, calmly deal with the challenges, to promote the steady growth of structural adjustment, reform and innovation to enhance the vitality of development, the enterprise has made great progress, the annual sales and profit ratio an increase of 12% and 15.6% last year, a new record high performance. The enterprise has won the "Chinese instruments 50 strong enterprises", "quality credit A-class enterprise", "Jiangsu province high tech (reserve) enterprise", "Jiangsu provincial key cultural export enterprises", "Jiangsu province standardization management of AAA enterprise" and "safety standard AAA enterprise" etc..

Chen Hongmei pointed out that the operating results of the company to maintain good momentum of steady rise, thanks to always adhere to the principle of progress while maintaining stability, to improve the quality and efficiency of the center, focus on adjusting structure, promote new products, management, cost reduction, extension of the market efficiency. Chen Hongmei on behalf of the board of directors of all cadres and employees and their families, to support the development of the swan company leaders at all levels and people of all walks of life, to express the highest respect and heartfelt thanks!

The report made specific arrangements for 2014: one is to promote the development of market development; two is the brand building foundation; three is the technical transformation of Tim power; four is the innovation of human resource management, the introduction of high-level personnel; five is a rich culture, enhance their sense of happiness and a sense of belonging; the six is to implement the reform and innovation, promote the company rapid growth.

The conference call for all the employees in the Swan new journey towards "China dream", stimulate innovation, advancing with the era of passion, the courage to overcome difficulties, strengthen confidence, be enthusiastic and press on, the courage to tackle tough, struggling to forge ahead, to achieve "a world dominated the domestic brand," the dream and make unremitting efforts.