The exclusive sponsor of Tsinghua University beam concert

TIME:2014-06.11 VISITS:

"The pocket of the piano, the journey of melody", the harmonica as a compact and popular musical instruments, deep loved by the majority of the students. As the highest institution of Tsinghua University China, since 2010 since the establishment of the student association to attract a large number of harmonica, both inside and outside the harmonica enthusiasts, many performances in the community culture and the universities party, won wide acclaim.

Jiangsu Swan musical instruments Co. Ltd. as the well-known harmonica production enterprises, over the years, development has been the support of Tsinghua University Harmonica Association, Tsinghua University in May 19th Mong Man Wai Building once again host beam harmonica concert multi-purpose hall, and my company exclusive sponsor. Tsinghua University harmonica concert scene atmosphere, exquisite harmonica harmonica lovers live concert concert audiences, let more harmonica lovers dream, wonderful performance. They will lead their staged legendary music tour.