"Swan" new stunning twenty-third international musical instruments Expo

TIME:2014-06.11 VISITS:

May 26th the company's marketing team to Beijing, China International Exhibition Center to participate in the twenty-third China international professional audio, lighting instruments and technology exhibition. 10 holes of the exhibition I company to launch a grand 20 tone, 24 hole and 12 hole 48 senior play tone and 16 tone black hole 64 series of new products is particularly striking, attracted many businessmen to discuss cooperation and trade shows, new harmonica harmonica player by the Chinese and foreign alike, and the scene with the "Swan" new products the performance, achieved good results. 12 new products, 16 hole hole 48 tone 64 tone chromatic harmonica from the Beijing Institute of education, highly praised the famous harmonica virtuoso professor Huang Wensheng, the famous international quality level of similar products.

"Swan" harmonica thirty years attention to science and technology research and development, constantly develop new products enterprises have to declare the harmonica, 12 invention patents, utility model 15, 89 designs, and won the "high-tech products in Jiangsu province in two, while the Jingjiang Municipal Science and technology advanced enterprises.