The Swan Harmonica Orchestra won the "Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival award"

TIME:2014-09.04 VISITS:

The evening of August 4th, the tenth session of the Asia Pacific (Hangzhou) Harmonica Festival Awards, held in the city of Hangzhou stadium. Four days of the tenth session of the Harmonica Festival unprecedented, changed people's prejudice against small harmonica, harmonica boarded in good taste.

Jingjiang Swan Harmonica Ensemble Jiangsu folk song "flowers" won the silver prize in "picking a reed in the harmonica festival". By playing friends, greatly promoted the development and level of the Asia Pacific Harmonica Music and the promotion of the Asia Pacific region has entered the cultural exchange, played a harmonious movement in the Asia Pacific region.

Chinese harmonica harmonica as "Swan" manufacturing industry veteran enterprises, its product variety, quality in the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival on Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Japan and other countries recognized harmonica lovers, was praised as "the best Chinese harmonica".