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   Jiangsu Swan Musical Instrument CO., Ltd was founded in 1982. As an executive member of the Chinese Music Instrument Industry Association, it sets the standard for chromatic harmonicas in China. The company's facility covers a ground area of 28,600 square meters and 18,900 square meters of buildings. SWAN has over 500 employees, who are experienced in research, development, and product design. It leads the Chinese music industry with technology excellence, advanced equipment and innovative designs. In China, SWAN also has the largest production scale and the most varieties of instruments. It has become the center for professional harmonica manufacturing in China. Its harmonica production capacity, technology, market share, and exports all rank first in the country. After 30 years of effort, the company has evolved into one that is capable of doing design, manufacture, sales, service and foreign trades.Throughout this time, Swan has been acknowledged as "Superior Company in Chinese Music Industry" by the China Musical Instrument Association as well as having been awarded as one of "China's Top SD Musical Instrument Companies" since 2010.

   With first class production equipment, a professional technical team, a broad variety of product types, a great brand reputation, and reliable customer service, Swan has won the love and support of professional and amateur musicians alike. Aside from having passed the IS09001-2000 international quality system qualification, it has also won the "quality Products" award given by the Ministry of Light Industry in 1987. In addition, its trademark has been awarded as one of Jiangsu's most Famous brands since 2003. The company's main products are Swan 16һhole, 20һhole, 21-hole, 24-hole and 28һhole series harmonicas; 10-hole blues harmonicas; 10-hole 40 tone, 12-hole 48 tone, 14һhole 56 tone, 16-hole 64 tone and other high end chromatic harmonicas; bass harmonicas; and chord harmonicas. Other products include 13-key, 27-key, 32һkey, and 37-key melodicas ; 6-hole and 8-hole recorders, HuLuSi, and children's percussion instruments. SWAN products are exported to the United States, France, Britain, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong, and Australia (over 40 countries and regions). SWAN also produces OEM products for our customers all around the world.

   In line with the policy of "quality owns market, Service wins customers, Innovation drives development, Leadership produces efficiency"and business philosophy of "SWAN people never give up", Swan provides high quality, accurate, easy-to-play instruments that have beautiful tones for domestic and foreign customers. In the future, Swan Musical Instrument Corporation will continue to serve each and every one of our customers. Together with our partners, clients and friends, we will create a better future For SWAN.

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  Welcome to Browse our company's Web site, you can be more informed " Swan Musical Instrument " standard management mode. Our advanced equipment, perfect quality system, excellent staff, perfect after sale service system, the full range specifications products and inspiring corporate culture.

  In twenty-first Century, we face the accession to the WTO opportunities and challenges, but also filled with unlimited business opportunities and development space, we should seize the opportunities, difficulties, continue to carry forward the "pioneering spirit, innovation, pragmatic, team cooperation " and " Swan, Yongbuyanbai the spirit, adhere to the " high quality, abide by the commitments, integrity services, is willing to through a variety of channels and domestic and foreign merchants to carry out extensive cooperation, complementary advantages, and create a better tomorrow swan.

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